Compare the best background check services online and run your very own background checks on any person with the top background check services known today.

Services should offer the following:

·         Credit report information

·         A trusted credit score

·         Criminal history

·         Driving record

·         Vehicle registration

·         Social Security no.

·         Education records

·         Court records

·         Workers' compensation

·         Bankruptcy

·         Drug test records

·         Past employers

·         Personal references

·         Incarceration records

·         Sex offender lists


To get the most out of your criminal background checks, it’s important to keep these tips in mind:

- Your rental application should include the date of birth, the party’s full legal name and any alias names, as well as previous addresses.

- Criminal reports are available in state and on national levels. It is recommended to get a national report because it helps catch applicants who may be providing incomplete information on the rental application.

- Tenant screening reports are best when used together. For instance, using the Previous Address Tenant History, you may be able to identify addresses and possible criminal convictions.

- Make sure you require the same level of screening reports from all applicants.

- Keep in mind some information comes from public records created by government agencies and are available for free.

- In addition to formal background checks some may want to also “Googling” candidates or checking social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Some of the best know background check companies are the following:

·         BeenVerified

·         TruthFinder

·         Checkmate

·         Peoplelooker

·         Intelius

·         Spyfly

Remember whether you are hiring a new employee, renting out an apartment, or just want to learn more about someone, you can do some research on your own and the internet is the best place to start.